» » Геноцид Азербайджанцев видео/Genocide of Azerbaijanis Video
» » Геноцид Азербайджанцев видео/Genocide of Azerbaijanis Video

    Геноцид Азербайджанцев видео/Genocide of Azerbaijanis Video

    Геноцид Азербайджанцев видео/Genocide of  Azerbaijanis Video

    Khojaly Genocide/Genocide of Azerbaijans

    The massacre committed by the Armenians against the civilian population in Hodjali city of Azerbaijan by the Armenians 17 years ago on the dates of 25 and 26 February 1992 was commemorated by being denounced with various activities in all the settlement units where Turks live especially in Azerbaijan.

    Hodjali city in which the greatest massacre of the 20th century was carried out, was a settlement place which was located in the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan and in which almost 7.000 Azeri lived before 1992. The city was of strategic importance as the only airport in Karabakh was located there and the railway was passing through the city. Ajara Turks who were forced to migrate from Fergani and the Azerbaijani Turks who were dislodged from Armenia by force settled in Hodjali over time. Hodjali was granted the status of Rayon, that is Private Administration Region with the decree of Azerbaijani President A. Muttalibov of the time on 28 January 1992.

    Yet, on 25 February 1992 a midnight raid was carried out against Hodjali by the Armenian Armed Forces equipped with heavy weapons together with the support of 366th Russian Motorized Brigade deployed in Hankendi and unfortunately 1600 Azerbaijani Turks were killed brutally. Hundreds of people were massacred without discriminating between the old and the young, children, women and men, the handicapped and the healthy and they were subject to unprecedented torture in history. With Hodjali genocide which is one of the cruelest, the most merciless mass acts of terrorism, the Azerbaijani city of HOdjali was wiped out from the earth to appear in the dark and dusty pages of the history.

    The atrocities and genocide in Hodjali was committed with the aim of purging the Nagorno-Karabakh region of Azerbaijani Turks which had been chosen as the new target with the Armenian Diaspora since 1987 within the ideal of Great Armenia of the Armenians.

    With this massacre committed by adding historical animosity and hatred against Turks to the Armenians aspiration of enlarging land the greatest atrocities and genocide of the age was experienced in Hodjali. The Hodjali brutality was an indefinable crime of humanity which was committed against not only Azerbaijani people but also against all the peoples.

    The Hodjali disaster was not coincidental but the result of planned and determined policy of genocide and ethnic cleansing carried against Azerbaijani people by the Armenians for the last 200 years. This unceasing insidious policy was pursued with any kind of support and provocations of the Armenian Diaspora and lobby.

    Most of the time, Armenians have not avoided the crimes of humanity such as terrorism, massacre, ethnic cleansing in order to achieve their aims. The available documents that indicate that millions of Azeris were massacred in their own lands by being subject to the policies of ethnic cleansing and genocide, many people including pregnant women were tortured and these people were dislodged from their homelands by force testify the history very clearly and openly.

    Unfortunately although the bloodiest tragedy of history and humanity occurred in Hodjali and the video recordings and documents substantiating the murder of the innocent people who were killed bloodthirstily are available, it has not been possible to achieve results for years as the world public opinion has not been informed adequately, and it has become apparent that the required steps have not been taken to recognize the Hodjali brutality as genocide by the states and the international organizations.

    The Hodjali massacre . Whatever its name is, however it is referred to, whoever it was committed by, against whomever it was carried out, under whichever circumstances and however it was committed, in the end there exists a brutality in which grave events occurred.. Yet, it is in fact very sad that this event was commemorated and denounced only by the Azeris and Turks. On the other hand, unfortunately it is much sadder and much more disturbing that it has not been possible to explain this massacre to the world public opinion although 16 years have passed by.

    Concerning the Hodjali massacre, the brutality of the century; countries, organizations such as international organizations, human rights organizations and non-governmental organizations must be informed further and with insistence; the subject must be taken to the international platforms and it must be ensured that it will be discussed in the parliaments; the occupying and aggressive character of the Armenia should be displayed and unmasked to the world public opinion; and it must be demanded that the Armenians must withdraw from the Azerbaijani lands they have occupied in order to heal the wounds to a certain extent.

    Therefore, on behalf of humanity we call on everybody and every circle who respect human rights and have common sense and who are sensitive to participate in the CAMPAIGNE which we believe that must be initiated for the recognition of the Hodjali massacre by the world public opinion.

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